Ogallala Public Schools


The Ogallala Public School System  will develop citizens who can communicate effectively, make responsible decisions, and adapt to the challenges of an ever-changing society by providing diverse, well-trained staff dedicated to delivering a comprehensive education based on fiscal responsibility, community involvement, sound management practices, and commitment to measurable academic progress. 


801 East O Street

Ogallala, NE 69153



Paxton Consolidated School




1. That the school system will be dedicated to excellence. 

2. That an effective school organization produces a better education. 

3. That constructive and effective communication is essential to the success of the school.

 4. That all students deserve the equal opportunity to learn and experience success through various academic and co-curricular activities. 

5. That students should be given the opportunity to enhance their own skill level. 

6. That quality education requires a commitment of the district’s financial resources. 

7. That people are our most valued/valuable resource. 

8. That effective leadership is essential in all aspects of a quality school. 

9. That we will put a high value on meaningful continuing education for faculty and staff.

10. That all students deserve an opportunity for a quality education to achieve future success. 

11. That all students deserve a secure environment conducive to learning. 

12. That there will be an atmosphere of mutual respect and concern of self and others. 

13. That we will provide each student with the necessary tools to become a productive member of a rapidly changing technological society. 

14. That we will develop citizens who respect the unique cultural heritage and racial diversity of our global community. 

15. That it is essential an involved community of parents and patrons be committed to high standards


308 North Elm Street

Paxton, NE 69155


Private Education

Private schools in the Keith County area offer a choice for parents seeking an alternative to the traditional school system. Each has distinctive characteristics that meet the different needs of individual students.

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